Landing Fees


Glider    No Charge
Microlights £5.00 Inc VAT
Single Engine Aircraft   £7.50 inc VAT
Glider Tug £7.50 inc VAT
Twin Engine Aircraft  £15.00 inc VAT
Helicopter £15.00 inc VAT
 Banner Towing £25.00 inc VAT
Casual Overnight Tie Down £5.00 per night inc VAT

When manned we accept Cash and Cards, sorry no Chqs




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Outside Tie Down            From      £75 per month

Open Hanger Storage      From     £120 per month

Contact Robin for availability 

Discounts available on Hangarage

7.5% for 12 month agreement (i.e. 12 month notice) rent payable in advance

12% for 12 month rolling agreement (i.e. 12 months notice) rent payable annually in advance


Tie Downs, Hangers subject to availability 

Contact Robin @ BRIMPTON AIRFIELD LIMITED for further information.