Fly-in Slot Registrations


The LAA Grass Roots Fly In is set to be one the LAA and Popham’s biggest event of the year
Hosted at Popham on 2nd, 3rd, 4th September

Visit Brimpton before or after the Fly In and get half price landing. (PPR still required)

Available 9am Friday 2nd September - 5pm Sunday 4th September

Microlights, Gyrocopter   <450Kg
 £7.50 Inc VAT     £3.75 Inc VAT
Single Engine Aircraft    MTOW 451Kg - 2000Kg
 £10 inc VAT       £5 inc VAT


Please Enter your details and slot time below if you require a slot:

Slot times may be subject to movement if we have many aircraft requesting the same time.

Note to meet CAA guidelines and airfield parking capacity events will be restricted to 99, or less aircraft. The Airfield Managers decision on numbers will be final and pilots shall ensure they monitor the airfield frequency 135.130MHz for airfield information and restriction on arrivals.