You can use this form to submit a complaint to the Airfield Management.

Important Notice:

Brimpton has small number of resident aircraft that fly on an in frequent basis.

Brimpton does accept visitors and these are most likely single engine fixed wing aircraft.

We cannot however accept complaints for aircraft not based at Brimpton or aircraft just regularly flying around the surrounding area.

Please understand that the airspace in the Reading, Newbury and Basingstoke area is very busy and a number of aircraft from the following airfields also operate and share the airspace too.

White Waltham, Blackbushe Airport, Popham airfield, Thruxton, High Wycombe and Membury all operate aircraft in the area.



Brimpton only has one Aircraft capable which rarely operates. When it does it is normally to the north of the field.


Brimpton Location:

Brimpton sits within Restricted Area R101 also known as the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Zone.

Aircraft flying within this zone must be higher than 2400ft unless taking off or landing at Brimpton.

The yellow line in the diagram below shows where aircraft would be operating for take off and landing.



If you wish to log a complaint about what you believe may of been one of our aircraft, please fill out the form below.