Brimpton RC Model Club is part of Brimpton (GA) Flying Club.  

Model flyers are required to have full Brimpton Flying Club membership and to have attended a familiarisation sessions with an authorised member of the club.

Brimpton is British Model Flying Association affiliated and membership / Insurance is also required in order to fly at the Airfield.


NOTE: At this time Model Membership fly RC Models is closed to new members.

Access to fly RC Models at Brimpton is now by invitation only.


Strict safety rules are required to maintain the required level of safety for both models and real aircraft.

A/G Radio operation (via Licensed Member) and a spotter is mandatory during any model flying.

Brimpton Airfield is an active airfield for both rotary and fixed wing aircraft and Safety is very important to us.

Brimpton RC Model Flight Area

All Model flying is to take place only in the areas north of the active runway.