Wasing Estate - Wedding Venue

Drone Pilots/Operators wishing to operate at the Wedding venue at Wasing Estate will be operating in Restricted Area R101. This requires permission; Drone Operators must apply to the CAA for permission to operate in the restricted area. Failure to obtain permission places the operator/pilot in breech of the Air Navigation Order and subject to CAA action and possible prosecution.

This is completed online using The Airspace Co-ordination and Obstacle Management website.


On the ‘Terms of Usage’ page, select ‘Accept’

On the following page; 

On the drop down menu,  please select ‘Airspace Restrictions (including exemption requests)

This will then present you with a form to complete.

Note the CAA require 28 days notice for each and every request.

Also Note the CAA statement;

The advantages of the online system are that the resulting submission will generate an Application Submission Number that can then be quickly tracked by us on our system, should you need request an update on the status,  as it moves through, from initial submission, plotting,  deconfliction, assessment and then if necessary issuing of a NOTAM, or Exemption/Permission /airspace co-ordination notices (ACNs).  In addition, a copy of the submission can be emailed to yourself at the end for retention.

 Once you have applied to the CAA and received permission please contact Brimpton Airfield to discuss your intentions. In many cases Drone Operations at the Wasing Wedding venue located south of Wasing Lane are no problems to us and we will quickly advise once contacted. We normally receive a copy of all Permissions to operate Drones at the Wasing Estate Wedding venue via the CAA.

All Other Drone Operations.

For all other Drone Operations including those where you wish to use the Aifield facilities should be discussed with us, Brimpton Airfield, to determine your intentions, any impact on our airfield operations and to discuss what mitigations can be put in place. This should be done in advance and please note that the CAA will require 28 days notice of any drone activities.

Thank you

Brimpton Airfield