Using Brimpton Airfield for Private Journeys to Europe and Crown Dependancies.

Brimpton Airfield holds a Certificate of Agreement with HM Border Force to enable People to travel in Private Light Aircraft from the airfield between the UK and the European Union.
This Certificate of Agreement remains in force and travel by Private Light Aircraft between Europe and Crown Dependancies can continue subject to the use of the General Aviation Report and checks by the Border Force as appropriate.
However, as the UK has now left the European Union the freedom of movement of goods to the European Union no longer applies.
We have been in contact with HM Revenue and Customs and agreement has been reached that as we have no commercial activities and do not import/export goods then we can continue to operate in a Private Capacity and that we will be subject to:  “Bringing goods into the UK” guidance on GOV.UK. website.
All users of the airfield are reminded to review these arrangements and ensure compliance.
Non-compliance could result in the airfield loosing its status allowing foreign flight and that would impact us all.